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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Engine 15 Brewing Seventh Anniversary: Annual Chupacabra Three Ways

Last week, Engine 15 Brewing Co. hosted a Vertical Tasting of its annual Imperial Chupacabra Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout, an event which leads into its Seventh Anniversary party and bottle release on Saturday, July 1 at its Jacksonville Beach brewpub. Masters of Ceremonies and Brewery Co-owners Luch Scremin and Sean Bielman imparted some humorous anecdotes much to the delight of the event attendees (picture bourbon barrels so fresh that they contained "charcoal black liquid" in 2014). The pre-anniversary event featured tastings of Chupacabra from 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, along with this year's 2017 versions (yes, that last one is plural). 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

making HEADlines:


Jacksonville Beach FL: Next week,  Engine 15 Brewing Co. officially releases bottles of its annual "Imperial Chupacabra" Russian Imperial Stout at its seven-year anniversary party.  Brewery fans won't have to wait until July 1 to taste it, though, as co-owners Luch Scremin and Sean Bielman present the 2017 version at a special pre-anniversary Vertical Tasting featuring five years of the house anniversary brew on Thursday, June 22, at 6:30pm. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The End is Near: Engine 15 Brewing to Unleash the Dark Side of "Stoutageddon"

[Ed. Note: 12/26/2016: Engine 15 published the final tap list for this event on 12/26/2016. Get it here.] 

The end is near. 

Coinciding with the end of the year comes a tap takeover that may be a first. 

If names like "Imperial Chupacabra," "Hunahpu's," "Marshal Zhukov," and "Ten Fidy" send your sensory perceptions into a state of euphoria, then this event is certainly one for you. 

Engine 15 Brewing Company will host "Stoutageddon" at its Jacksonville Beach brewpub on December 29, starting at 6pm. As the name implies, the event highlights the "stout" beer style, and all things "stout," from "regular" (is there such a thing?) Stout to Russian Imperial Stout (higher ABV), to barrel-aged Stout (aged in bourbon/ whiskey barrels).  What makes the event unique is that mostly stouts -- and only beers from three breweries -- will flow from the 50 taps in the brewpub bar, giving new meaning to "takeover." 

Those familiar with Engine 15 Brewing Company know that the brewery releases its "Imperial Chupacabra" bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout (9% ABV) only once each year at its anniversary party in June. (For a look at the 2016 anniversary party and brewery background, see story here).  Look for it to make another appearance at the "Stoutageddon."  In addition, Engine 15 will launch a new Imperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, and Ancho and Guajillo Chiles, says David Morenus, General Manager. 

While Engine 15 has a number of stouts in its brewery arsenal that see rotation on the menu board, tapping many stouts at one time would appear to be a major undertaking.  So, why not partner up with two breweries which produce highly-prized varieties of the darkness?

As David explains, he and Cigar City Brewing brewery rep Kyle Parker were exploring an event devoted to stout, and after Cigar City agreed to provide a keg of "Hunahpu's," the brainstorm flourished into an all-out "armageddon," and, as David says, "in true Engine 15 fashion, we went big!"  Cigar City's partner, Oskar Blues Brewery, kicked in kegs of "Ten Fidy" and "Ten Fidy" barrel-aged stouts, and the list continues to grow. All of Engine 15's taps will feature stouts and additional beers from the three breweries during the special event.  Engine 15 is keeping wraps on the tap list until next week, as it is being finalized, but recently offered a peek at the addition of "Marshal Zhukov's Vanilla Hazelnut Imperial Stout" on social media. 

Many of the beers will be available in sample-sized 4-oz. pours for beer flights, with some exceptions based on price and original pour size. Representatives from Cigar City Brewing and Oskar Blues will be present because, as David pointed out the obvious: "They wouldn't want to miss an event as cool as this one."  No doubt.

After the Christmas festivities are over, turn to the dark side. 

Engine 15 Brewing Company's Jax Beach brewpub is located at 1500 Beach Blvd.

If you follow this website and my posts on social media, you know that I'm partial to stouts, as one of my favorite beer styles. Generally, the stout style features flavors of chocolate, and many add coffee and/or other tastes, such as cherry, raspberry, and one of my favorites, vanilla. Stouts run the ABV range, with Imperial Stouts and the bourbon-barrel aged ones reaching double digits. Don't be afraid of the dark side, because it could be your destiny.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Til next time,


Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Twice the Oompah at Engine 15 Brewing Oktoberfest

Did I really end up with three
beers at Engine 15 Oktoberfest?
OKTOBERFEST is in full swing! The 183rd official Oktoberfest in Munich has been going strong for over a week now, with 5 days to go. Can you imagine all that German beer flowing in Bavaria? If you didn't get a ticket to Germany, no need to fret -- Thanks to Oktoberfest celebrations happening around Florida, we have plenty of Gemütlichkeit (and beer) to go around the Sunshine State, too. If you haven't seen my earlier Oktoberfest post, don't wait any longer, or you'll miss out (and we wouldn't want that to happen)! The upcoming weekend features a number of Oktoberfest celebrations around the state, so get those dirndls and lederhosen out of your closet and mach schnell to the nearest place you hear the Oompah music. 

Outside biergarten.....
For the first time in the Jacksonville area, you'll be able to shuttle your way between two Oktoberfest bashes by one brewery in two different locations. (Did you follow that?) Ach du lieber! Yes, it's true! At last weekend's "Mash-In"(the Jax Beer Week finale and signature event), Engine 15 Brewing Company opened the doors of its highly-anticipated downtown outdoor biergarten and indoor production facility tasting room to the public. 

And, they'll be doing it again on Saturday, October 1, as the brewery hosts its Oktoberfest party -- downtown, and at its brewpub in Jacksonville Beach. 

Inside tasting room.....
...and brewhouse

Let's start with the Jacksonville Beach brewpub. As Kara Scremin, Marketing Maven for Engine 15 says, "it'll be fun as usual." The Oktoberfest celebration gets started at 11am with the tapping of the Oktoberfest Lager.  As in years past, the afternoon will feature "Chicken Sh*t Bingo," pretzels "as big as your head," crowning of the King and Queen (so wear your Oktoberfest best), live German music at 2pm, and "feats of strength" (practice your stein-holding). 

Take your festive spirit to the next level by purchasing one of the Engine 15 custom ceramic oversized mugs, complete with a first fill of the Oktoberfest Lager, J'Ville Lager, or 904 Weiss Guy Hefeweizen. Reserve your mug now by sending an email to David at Or, opt for the traditional liter German Maß ("Mass").  Either way, bring the vessel back during the month for a discounted refill. 

...or Maß ... (photobomb not included)

Then, head over to the Downtown Production Warehouse and outdoor biergarten where the party and fun continue, from noon til 8:30pm. The family-friendly event includes a DJ during the afternoon, with an Oompah band in the early evening. Food will be available from Sausage Paradise food truck. It's a true "family-friendly" event, says Kara, as the venue will feature horseshoes, cornhole, bocce ball, Connect 4 and Jenga. And, if your dog is in the German spirit too, the pooch is welcome in the outdoor biergarten (make sure he has the owner on a leash, though). 

Jax Brew Bus...
As if all of that isn't enough, let's say you want to go to both ... just sayin'. Simply "hop on" the JAX BREW BUS for a free shuttle between the Engine 15 Beach and Downtown locations. Yeah, that's "free," as in complimentary. Note, there is one condition: you must want to have some fun along the ride -- no exceptions. And, yes, you can bring beer on the bus. Oompah! The continuous shuttle rides will start at the Beach Brewpub at 12:30pm. The Bus will transport fest attendees to the Downtown Biergarten and back to the Beach Brewpub all day long (an Oktoberfest "loop"), until the last shuttle leaves Downtown at 8:20pm. If you haven't experienced the Jax Brew Bus yet, here's your chance to take a free spin. You'll be booking your three-brewery tour around Jax before you can say Eins, Zwei, Drei. As one of the reps/tour guides for Jax Brew Bus, I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a fun experience!

As you've seen from some of the above photos, and the earlier Oktoberfest post on the homepage of this website, I've attended the Engine 15 Oktoberfest in the past. My dirndl and golden braids are ready again this year.  I won't be too tough to find, and I'll probably have my Engine 15 Maß in my hands at any given moment. G'Suffa!

The Engine 15 Brewpub is located at 1500 Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville Beach, in a storefront mall property. Just look for the crowd when you get there. The Downtown Production Facility and Biergarten is at 601 Myrtle Avenue North. 

For more information about Engine 15 Brewing Company, take a look at some of the previous posts on this website, including the recent anniversary story!

Happy Oktoberfest!  

Ein Prosit!

(Note: An edited version of this story also appears on the "Beer Buzzed" page in the "Nightlife" section of


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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Engine 15 Brewing Company: Enjoy the Ride!

When co-owners Luch Scremin and Sean Bielman opened Engine 15 Brewing Company six years ago in Jacksonville Beach, I wonder if they had any idea about the ride they would take: from homebrewing on a one-barrel system, to opening a brewpub in a shopping center on Beach Blvd. with a 5-barrel brewhouse system, to acquiring a warehouse production facility with a 20-barrel system and an outdoor beer garden, to a mead and cider operation. The brewery celebrated its Sixth Anniversary this past week (July 2), and it's clear that this Engine is on the move!

I'm no stranger to the Engine 15 brewpub, its beer and its events: I like the beer, and I like the people who work there and those who hang out there. It's the only brewery in Jacksonville to offer a huge 50-tap beer bar. One of the coolest things about this brewery (and there are more than a few) is that on any given day, you'll find around 15 to 20 Engine 15 house beers on tap: from the popular lighter J-Ville Lager to red ales to IPAs to stouts, and various treatments of brewery favorites along the way. 

But, let's start with the Sixth Anniversary party!

The brewery featured two events for its Anniversary: a four-year Vertical Tasting of its annual limited release bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Chupacabra Russian Imperial Stout on Thursday night, and the Chupacabra Bottle Release and Anniversary Party on Saturday. Although the bottle release started at 11am, a number of local beer aficionados who just had to have it began lining up as early as 7:30 am on Saturday, according to co-owner Sean Bielman. 

Photo by Engine 15 Brewing Company

And, speaking of the owners, sometimes it's tough to tell that they actually own the place, because they always seem to be working! Especially during busy times and events, Luch and Sean can be seen clearing glasses and tables and bringing those glasses back to the bar for washing and refilling. These are guys who don't mind rolling up those sleeves and getting to work. When I first saw Luch Saturday, he had his hands full (literally) with empty glasses from the large crowd.

Large crowds at the Engine 15 brewpub for the Anniversary Bottle Release and Party!

And, look at all those Engine 15 beers, and two ciders, on tap:

These are "just" the house beers on tap....

In addition to the Engine 15 beers and guest taps, the bar also featured additional timed releases all afternoon of new and limited E15 beers (such as Bloody Battle Axe Blood Orange IPA and Grapefruit Double Drop IPA) and favorites and new releases from other craft breweries, including several popular Funky Buddha Brewery beers. 

There was even a cake:

Luch and Sean with the
celebration Anniversary cake
(photo by Kara Phelps Scremin)
If you haven't been to Engine 15 Brewing in Jax Beach, be sure to mark this on your brewery visit or beertrip itinerary. The pub has the feel of a Bavarian beer garden. Those 50 taps are always pouring cold beer, and you can even get a brat, Cuban sandwich, or other pub food offerings. Visit the online menu here.  If you like video arcade games, head to the back of the pub and the arcade. Or, just sit at the bar or tables and watch some sports on TV. It seems that there are always more than a few friendly types here sipping on some beer, so you might even find someone to talk beer with! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Engine 15 Brewing Company to Introduce Engine 15 Ciders and Meads

The big macro guys aren't the only ones making some news and shaking things up in the brewery world in the latter days of 2015.  

Big, breaking news from ENGINE 15 BREWING COMPANY in Jacksonville Beach hit social media last night in a short statement asking if anyone is ready for something new in 2016, accompanied by a new logo:

According to Kara Scremin, Marketing Manager at Engine 15, the company will begin production of ciders and meads in 2016 at the company's newly acquired production facility, 601 N. Myrtle Ave., downtown Jacksonville. At the outset, E15 will first produce a dry cider, and flavored ciders will follow. After the initial operations are underway, and to allow for aging of product, E15 will begin offering mead. The anticipated timeframe for the mead is about 6-9 months following startup of the new operations. 

Engine 15's spacious production facility in Jacksonville opened in 2015, and houses the company's new 20-barrel brewhouse, along with a separate building for events.  It provides much needed expansion for the brewery's core beers, and will also feature a biergarten when it's all said and done (in other words, permitting).  The venue was the site of the "Tacos for Tatas" charity event for 26.2 With Donna in October (see blog post), and also was the home of the "Mash-In" opening event for Jax Beer Week in November (see blog post). 

Engine 15 Production Facility brewhouse

Under applicable laws, cider and mead require additional licensing, and E15 is awaiting federal approval. Once it receives the go-ahead, E15 will begin cider production, with an anticipated product release in February 2016. The new products will be available on tap and in bottles at the Jax Beach brewpub, along with distribution in kegs around the area through Champion Brands. 

In addition to the production facility, Engine 15 Brewing Company continues to brew beer on its 5-barrel system at the original Jax Beach brewpub.  The brewpub offers a pub-style food menu and 50 taps, which typically feature around 15-20 of E15's own beers on tap, in addition to regional, national and international beer. Pretty much whatever style of beer you're looking for, you'll find it here (trust me, I've been there once or twice, or .....). 

Sounds like Engine 15 will be off to a roaring start in 2016, but I'm not surprised.  The home of Nutsack Double Brown Ale, J'Ville Lager, (904) Weiss Guy, and Old Battle Axe IPA will be getting a little bigger. Hey, Engine 15, what names can we look forward to now?

Cheers!  See you around Florida somewhere, with a beer in hand.......

Peace, Love, Pints®


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Get Ready to Tap Into "Tacos for Tatas" in Jax

October will be here before you know it, so put this one on your calendars for Monday, October 5, 5:30-8:30pm. It's TACOS FOR TATAS. 

Heads up, this is a "reverse order" "double-breasted" post, so to speak, so pay attention: 

As you know from prior posts and photos, I'm into the Breast Cancer Pink movement, and I love doing the "pink" events. So, let's add drinking some special beer from our friends at Engine 15 Brewing Co. this time around, too. I think I'm up for that....

E15 has teamed up with Donna Deegan and 26.2 With Donna to tap a unique evening in the fight against breast cancer. 

Head over to Engine 15's production brewery facility, 633 N. Myrtle Ave., in downtown Jax on October 5 for this main event.  And, the tacos?  None other than TacoLu. Cocktails, you ask.... they'll have that, too: Maestro Doble cocktails.  Got a sweet tooth? This sounds delectable: Desserts from Alley Cakes Bakery will be on the scene, too!  

But, wait, there's more. Those crazy brewers you love to love over at E15 are brewing up something special just for the event: the "Donna 26 Point Brew" (I'm still in the 5K phase, but I'll drink to a 26.2... get it?)  I can't wait to try some of that! And, what should you wear?  PINK! Attire is designated as "pink chic."  TACOS FOR TATAS on October 5 is a ticketed event, so get yours here.  

And, yes, there's even more.  How about a "prequel" of sorts leading up to the main Tacos for Tatas event?  Stop at Engine 15 brewpub on Beach Blvd. in Jax Beach on Thursday, August 20 at 6pm for a TAPPING PARTY of the "Donna 26 Point Brew."   

So, there you have it... I'm getting all pinked just thinking about it... but I think I'll leave the wig at home... this time.....

See you around Florida a beer event, community event, bar, restaurant....


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Freedom for the 64 oz Growler!

When I moved here four years ago, I tried to get a refill on a half-gallon (64 oz.) growler that relocated here with me from Northwest Indiana, just outside of Chicago. I mean, what's the big deal; they're everywhere in the Midwest and elsewhere.  No, I was told, can't do that. At first I thought it was because the growler was some kind of out-of-state alien, that needed proof of state residency. Well, we all know the story.....

On July 1, 2015, the half-gallon growler will be legal in the state of Florida.  WooHoo! Independence Day of sorts...

Where will you be on July 1 at 6:40 pm?  According to the Florida Brewers Guild, this is the time that there will be statewide toasts cheering the 64 oz growler in Florida. I'm not sure what the other states think of all of this, but, hey, it's another reason to party here in the Sunshine State, and what a way to kick off the Independence Day weekend.  

For us here in the Jacksonville area, as of this writing, I am aware of these Growler Independence events on Wednesday, July 1:

Engine 15 Brewing Company, Jacksonville Beach, will be offering its new 64 oz. growler for sale for $6 (that's $2 off the normal price). And, you can get a free pint of E15 beer while you wait for the fill. 

And, of course, say Cheers at 6:40 pm for the statewide toast! 

Intuition Ale Works, in the Riverside area of Jax, will also be hoisting the pint glasses at 6:40pm for the statewide toast.

What's more, bring in your Intuition gallon growler between July 1 and July 4, for a trade-in for a free half-gallon Intuition growler, which the good folks there will fill for free (regular release Intuition beers only).

Green Room Brewing, Jax  Beach, is tapping a new brew on July 1, starting at 4pm: Citrus Paradisi Pale Ale.  This is an American Pale Ale with Amarillo, aged on fresh Florida grapefruit. And, here's the deal: buy a new Green Room 64 oz growler for $6, and get it filled with the new beer for only $5. 


Commemorating the occasion for perpetuity on social media?  #FL64 #growlerindependenceday #FLBrewersGuild

See you on July 1!  CHEERS! Here's to ya!

Know of any additional Growler Freedom events in the Jax area?  Let me know about 'em!  I can be reached by email at, or through the handy yankee-doodle-dandy contact box on my website