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Slam Dunk: Strings Sports Brewery Opens in Jax

Strings Sports Brewery is open (photo: Linda Johnson)
June 26, 2019: When an experienced restaurateur and his two sons who love brewing beer all happen to love sports (especially local sports), it only seems natural that they would open a sports-themed brewery/restaurant. Hoop It Up, Jacksonville, Strings Sports Brewery has hit a three-pointer on Main Street in the Springfield area. 

With a Grand Opening touted as its "Home Opener" on Monday, June 24, the Adeeb family served beer, burgers, wings and more to a lively crowd. The name is a reference to owner Scott "String" Adeeb, who also owns the Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q on San Pablo Road. Apparently, Scott had an affection for basketball as a kid, and the name stuck. 

Aardwolf Brewing Early Bird Beer Fest: Springing a Solid Collection in Jax

April 2, 2019: Beer geeks were in a state of "beer nirvana" on Saturday, March 30, as the inaugural Early Bird Beer Fest hosted by Aardwolf Brewing brought a rare collection of breweries from across the Eastern Seaboard to Jacksonville. In a first-of-its-kind event to land in Jax, the event featured over 30 breweries from Vermont to New York to Virginia to North Carolina to Florida. Unless involved in beer trades, locals had not seen the likes of these breweries (and their beer) in the Northeast Florida market -- which was kind of the point.  

While the beer list seemed to lean towards Imperial Stouts and Imperial and Hazy IPAs, the taps also poured barrel-aged beers, sours, and even .... gasp.... lagers! Colors ran the wheel from black and dark to hazy, pink and yellow. 

Named after Aardwolf Brewing's popular Early Bird Imperial Stout (a breakfast stout with vanilla, cinnamon and coffee), which was the base for the first barrel-aged beer produced by the brewery, the fest featured several versions of the highlighted brew, along with a few additional Aardwolf selections. The brewery also held a bottle release inside the tap room. 

Photos: Because It Happened!: Legacy Ale Works, Jax, Hosts Women's Brew Day, March 8


March 10, 2019: Craft Beer has taken the annual International Women's Day to a new level with "International Women's Collaboration Brew Day." Across the country on March 8, numerous craft breweries hosted a brew day or released a beer brewed by women. The beer, known as the "Pink Boots Beer," featured a mixture of hops, itself collaborated upon by the Pink Boots Society and hop provider Yakima Chief Hops. The "Pink Boots Blend" included Loral®, Mosaic®, Simcoe®, Sabro™  and Glacier hops. What the brewers decided to do with that blend was up to the brewers! 

Locally, in Jacksonville, Florida, Legacy Ale Works co-owner Liz Jacobs reached out to area women craft beer lovers interested in attending the special brew day. Legacy Ale Works only opened about a month earlier, and Liz was already getting the word out about the Brew Day. She and co-owner husband/brewer Matt had previously brewed a pilot batch of their Pink Boots Beer, a Belgian IPA, and on the morning of March 8, an eager group of ladies assembled ready to begin brewing on the 3.5-barrel system. 

Liz Jacobs explaining the brewery equipment
(photo: Linda Johnson)
The group included several female brewery owners from SJ Brewing (Yulee), Hyperion Brewing (Jacksonville), and brewery-in-planning Azalea City Brewing (Palatka). There was a job for everyone, from milling grain, mashing in, measuring hops, and removing spent grain. The day also featured a brunch catered by local beer-and-food pairing Chef Sarah Copeland of Craft Cuisine Jax. 

The Pink Boots Beer from the Collaboration Brew Day will be ready to pour in early April. This website obtained a sample from the pilot batch previously, and found it to be mostly fruity in flavor, with subtle Belgian yeast notes.

Pink Boots Belgian IPA sample at Legacy Ale Works
(photo: Linda Johnson)
Take a look at the PHOTO ALBUM from this website for more from the Collaboration Brew Day. Even Matt was on hand to make sure that things were going as planned in the brewhouse, and he seemed to enjoy watching the ladies at work. It was a day of camaraderie all in the name of beer! Thanks to Legacy Ale Works for being wonderful hosts! The general consensus was that it was an awesome day! 

Separately, Main & Six Brewing (Jacksonville) had previously brewed a different version of the Pink Boots Beer, a New England Session IPA, which was released on Collaboration Brew Day. Several of the participants at Legacy Ale Works ended the brewing experience by visiting Main & Six in the spirit of the day and to sip a different version. This website had a chance to taste that one the next day. The Session IPA presented a vastly different profile, from the color and haziness to the accentuated fruitiness associated with the style. As Main & Six Brewer/Co-Owner Dennis Espinosa confirmed, there's something very cool about brewing and "seeing what can be done with the same ingredients." 

Very cool, indeed.

UPDATE PHOTO BELOW: With Liz on National Beer Day, 4/7, with the Pink Boots Beer, named #NailedIt .. Yeah, we did! 

Fruity and floral: the beer! (photo: BrewNymph)

Thanks again to Legacy Ale Works for opening the brewery for the collaboration brew day -- no small task after having been open for such a short time. When the beer is tapped, be sure to stop by! 

For more information about the Pink Boots Society, visit the link above. 


Til next time,

Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®

Escapades, Brews and Running Shoes

(photos by Linda Johnson/BrewNymph)

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Riverside Craft Beer Fest, Jax: From Hazy to Dark to Clear

New beer release from a fest first-timer:
Blume Bier Lager from Bog Brewing, St. Augustine
(all photos: Linda Johnson)

February 26, 2019: That headline could be a weather forecast (and, actually, that's how the day went), but in the end, the 6th Annual Riverside Craft Beer Fest presented by Riverside Rotary in Jacksonville was all about the beer forecast ... and charity! 

The Riverside Craft Beer Fest took place on Saturday, February 23, once again at the Riverside Arts Market under the Fuller-Warren Bridge. Skies were hazy and overcast while crews set up for the late afternoon event, with a 3pm start for the VIP entry. Behind the scenes, tents and tables went up, ice buckets were filled, beer delivered, jockey boxes prepped, and brewery swag was displayed before the clock ticked to 3pm.

Colorful brewery tents lined up in rows and set-up before the fest

Happy and eager volunteers checked in and received their new bright orange event shirts. 

Anyone thirsty? Almost time for a beer! 

Legacy Ale Works, Jacksonville: Mixing Old and New to Create a New Legacy

Congrats to Legacy Ale Works!
Exterior and tap room entry (photo: Linda Johnson)
February 13, 2019: It's been a day that Matt and Liz Jacobs have dreamed about for quite some time. The husband-and-wife team are co-owners of Legacy Ale Works, the newest craft brewery to open in Jacksonville, Florida. After appearing at beer samplings and beerfests since summer of 2017 and a lengthy search for a place to call home, the brewery and tap room opens to the public with a Grand Opening on Saturday, February 16, 2019, at 4pm. 

Legacy Ale Works first came onto the Jacksonville beer scene with a beer sampling in July 2017 at local craft shop Beer:30 San Marco after having first appeared earlier at Hogtown Craft Beer Fest in Gainesville. The couple intended to open a family-friendly brewery with a range of beer styles. After an initial property selection in the Mandarin area didn't materialize, they continued their search. On March 1, they announced their plans to build the neighborhood brewery in the Bartram Park area. Following zoning and permitting approvals which ran through Fall of 2018, construction began, and the countdown to Opening Day was on. 

2019 Riverside Craft Beer Festival, Jacksonville: Map Your Course February 23

Entry at the 2018 Riverside Craft Beer Festival
under the Bridge (photo: Linda Johnson)
January 11, 2018: The 6th Annual Riverside Craft Beer Festival presented by Riverside Rotary returns to the Riverside Arts Market under the Fuller-Warren Bridge in Jacksonville on Saturday, February 23, 2019. For craft beer enthusiasts, the "RCBF" has become a mainstay on the beerfest calendar and has experienced growth and an evolution of sorts since it began (and, yes, that's based on personal experience as a volunteer and "beergeek in attendance" each year!).

J'Ville on Jacksonville: Engine 15 J'Ville Lager
on the Jacksonville skyline, as seen from
Riverside Craft Beer Fest 2018 (photo: Linda Johnson)
Get ready to map your course through six geographical sections and sample beers from Florida, regional, national and international breweries. Last year, the RCBF introduced a new layout with breweries grouped according to geographical location. That format made the journey through the beer easy to manage and remember. Found a beer that was particularly noteworthy? No problem to find it again! The regional layout will return this year, said Callie Hugo, RCBF Committee Member and Liaison for Riverside Rotary and Community Hospice & Palliative Care in an interview. Of course, a number of local Jacksonville breweries will have a strong presence in the Florida section, along with many other favorite breweries across the state. In addition, attendees will enjoy beers from breweries located in the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, West Coast and International. The current brewery list includes just under 100 breweries. 

Jacksonville Breweries Collaborate for Springfield Neighborhood Sesquicentennial in 2019

January 5, 2019: Jacksonville's oldest existing neighborhood celebrates is Sesquicentennial in 2019, and what better way to ring in the year than by brewing a special beer!

In commemoration of Springfield's milestone achievement as a community, the Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council (SPAR) will host special events throughout the year. With two breweries already dotting the landscape along Main Street, and a third on the way very soon, it only seemed fitting that the occasion called for its own beer. 

North Florida Breweries Team With Sierra Nevada Brewing to Brew Resilience IPA for California Camp Fire Relief

UPDATE, 12/28/2018: I've now obtained the Resilience IPA in cans: it's a hearty, hoppy IPA, with notes of citrus, floral and pine. KEEP READING...... 

Photo: 12-28-2018. Cans of Resilience IPA, along with
coasters of the five North Florida breweries featured in this story.
(photo: Linda Johnson)

December 10, 2018: It seems that breweries, large and small, are no strangers to charitable causes or donating supplies to assist those in need when disaster strikes. In November 2018, California saw wildfires tear through acres upon acres of forest, destroy cities and towns in their paths, and claim lives. The images were stunning and heartbreaking. A number of employees at California brewery Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., of Chico, were personally affected. Shortly thereafter, the brewery established a fund, the Camp Fire Relief Fund, with $100,000 to start efforts to assist those impacted by the events. 

Graphic by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Being a large brewery, though, founder Ken Grossman also set out to brew a beer and donate all of the proceeds to the cause. And, what about asking every brewery across the nation to also participate in brewing this special beer and donating the sales back to the fund? With malt and hops suppliers agreeing to donate the raw materials to the endeavor, "Resilience Butte County Proud IPA" was born. Over 1400 breweries pledged to brew the beer, with a recipe provided by Sierra Nevada. With brewing having started in November, the beer will hit taps throughout the country in December and January. Sierra Nevada will distribute the special beer in cans. The IPA is 6.8% ABV and 65 IBU. 

Over 60 Florida breweries are participating in the nationwide brew.

When asked why Jacksonville's Bold City Brewery decided to join the effort, Co-Owner Brian Miller simply stated, "the question is, why wouldn't we?" He added that "the decision to get involved was easy" and that with peoples' lives destroyed, and although Bold City Brewery's part is minimal, "anything will help," and they are happy to be a part of it. Bold City's brewers will brew the beer in January, and it will be available on tap late January to early February.

Founder Gabe Grass of GrassLands Brewing, Tallahassee, saw the initiative as an extension of the brewery's "Craft. Community. Conservation." mission. With its assistance efforts following Hurricane Michael, GrassLands Brewing "was just as happy and as honored" to participate in the Sierra Nevada project. "We value engagement with the community, and in this sense, it's the community at large."  He added that the "camaraderie and selflessness of breweries like Sierra Nevada and the others is what fuels us on a day to day basis."  GrassLands brewed its beer on December 5, generally following the prescribed recipe. The beer will be available in the Tallahassee tap room in December. "Craft beer is universally popular, but the industry also represents a complex and intimate relationship with the community," he added. "This type of initiative is a great example of why I got into the brewing industry to begin with."

One of the first North Florida breweries to tap Resilience IPA is First Magnitude Brewing, Gainesville, with a tap room release on December 10. Co-Owner John Denny expressed not only his respect for Sierra Nevada Brewing and being "impressed with the scale of the effort," but "how quickly they pulled it together." Confirming the mindset of craft breweries to pitch in, he added, "it highlights how many craft breweries are community-minded and willing to help with charitable causes." First Magnitude's President Christine Denny worked in environmental science for 17 years, with one of her specialties being fire ecology. Having taught about the natural role of fire in Florida ecosystems and ways to protect homes from fire, the brewery wanted to help those affected, "even in a small way." 

"We were instantly on board," said Linda Horn, Co-Owner of Atlantic Beach Brewing Company in the Jacksonville area. "With the enormity of the devastation, we felt helpless while watching the news coverage." Atlantic Beach Brewing brewed ten barrels of the beer during Thanksgiving week, with an anticipated release of December 18. "It's one small way we can contribute to the rebuilding of people's lives, homes, schools and businesses," Linda commented. The brewery is "proud to be a part of such a great industry that gives back and helps one another regardless of business size or geography." (Ed. Note, December 15: ABBC will tap the beer on December 20).

According to Southern Swells Brewing Co-Founder Corey Adams, the brewery "got involved because it is a unique opportunity to make an impact by simply doing what we love, brewing." He added that being able to make a donation to the cause "through simply brewing Resilience is the least we could do." Southern Swells brewed the beer on November 28 "with just a little more dry hopping," and it will be available on December 20. With that level of devastation being unfathomable, he added, "Sierra Nevada’s idea to not only brew Resilience but to invite other breweries to do the same was amazing, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to join the other breweries participating."  (Edited 12/15/2018)

When it's all said and done, over 17,000 barrels (4.2 million pints) of Resilience Butte County Proud IPA will make its debut throughout the country beginning in December, with all funds received from the sales of the beer being donated to the Camp Fire Relief Fund. 

In addition to the breweries mentioned above, other North Florida breweries also participating in the relief project include Ology Brewing, Tallahassee; Blackadder Brewing, Gainesville; Fool's Fire Brewing, Tallahassee; and Eastpoint Beer Company, Eastpoint.  

A full list of the participating breweries can be found here.  Homebrewers can also try their hand at brewing the beer with the homebrew recipe

When the beer is tapped at a location near you, give it a try, and help out the cause. 

And...... there's a badge for that, too!

Thanks to the above breweries for the comments! 

Til next time,


Linda Johnson,
Certified Cicerone®

Now Open: Fishweir Brewing, Jacksonville

Fishweir Brewing is now open for business.
(photo: Linda Johnson)
November 29, 2018: It's official: Fishweir Brewing Company, in the Murray Hill section of Jacksonville, is now the area's "newest brewery." With a soft opening on Wednesday, November 28, the brewery's Grand Opening Day takes place on Thursday, November 29, beginning at 3pm. 

Owners Broc and Stacey Flores have transformed the former Kit Kat Lounge nightclub on Edgewood Avenue South into a neighborhood tap room and brewery. From the cozy outdoor front porch to the wood-themed interior, guests can look forward to a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of beer styles.

making HEADlines: Fishweir Brewing, Jax, Opening Day November 29

making HEADlines:


[Ed. Note 11/29/2018: See also: New article with photos/content from Soft Opening, November 28: HERE]

November 26, 2018: 

Fishweir Brewing Co-Owners Broc and Stacey Flores,
at a brewery tasting in July  (photo: Linda Johnson)
On Thanksgiving Day, Jacksonville's newest entrant into the area's craft beer market, Fishweir Brewing Company, took to social media and announced its Grand Opening Day set for Thursday, November 29.  Having provided regular updates on construction progress at the Murray Hill venue on Edgewood Avenue, the brewery recently reported that the lights were on and kegging of house beers had begun. 

Broc and Stacey Flores will welcome the public to their new brewery and 1500-square foot tap room at 1183 Edgewood Avenue South on November 29 beginning at 3pm. 

The couple made several appearances over the course of 2018, including Riverside Craft Beer Festival, Beer:30 San Marco, and Really Good Beer Stop, where craft beer enthusiasts sampled sneak peeks of a number of the new brewery's house beers. Although initially described as a sour-focused brewery, the tastings revealed a variety of styles, such as Extra Special Bitter, Sweet Chocolate Stout, traditional American IPA, Saison, and a Coffee Blonde Ale, in addition to a kettle sour.  

making HEADlines: Jax Beer Week, November 3-10, 2018

making HEADlines:


October 30, 2018, Jacksonville, FL:  

Hey, Jacksonville: Jax Beer Week arrives on the Jacksonville Beer Scene, starting November 3 at the beer garden at Jacksonville PorchFest.  The annual music fest, which runs from noon til 9pm, once again provides tunes throughout the city's Springfield neighborhood, with musical acts singing and strumming on front porches and on the Main Stage at Klutho Park. Attendees at the free music fest can stroll along the tree-lined streets and stop at designated houses to listen and dance the afternoon away. 

A selection of craft beer will be available at the beer garden in the park. Platinum PorchFest Sponsors  include local breweries Intuition Ale Works, Aardwolf Brewing Company and Veterans United Craft Brewery. Yes, you can even take that beer with you as you make your way around the neighborhood!  

Be sure to stop at the Jax Beer Society tent in the beer garden to sample beers from two of the area's newest breweries, SJ Brewing (12-3pm) and Tabula Rasa Brewing (3-6pm).  SJ Brewing opened in August on State Road 200 in Yulee, and Tabula Rasa, in the city's "Railyard District," opened its doors in September.

Making HEADlines: Permits Issued for Legacy Ale Works, Jacksonville

making HEADlines:


October 26, 2018, Jacksonville, FL:

Brewery-in-planinng Legacy Ale Works has announced that the City of Jacksonville has approved construction of its brewery and tap room, located at 14965 Old St. Augustine Rd. in the Bartram Park area. With permits issued, brewery owners Matt and Elizabeth Jacobs have brought on Horn Builders, a residential and commercial construction firm, for the $185,000 build-out of the 3300 square-foot venue.

Construction is anticipated to take three to four months, said Matt Jacobs in a statement. “From there, we will work aggressively to install all the equipment and obtain the necessary permits to brew and sell beer. All in all, we are pushing for an early 2019 opening, barring any other delays.”

The husband-and-wife co-owners encountered unexpected delays in the re-zoning process and during finalization of architectural plans. “A few things popped up along the way that caused us to pause and evaluate our needs for the space,” said Elizabeth Jacobs. “As eager as we are to move forward with the project, we did not want to rush this part of the process, as the choices we make now could dramatically affect us in the future.”

With the hiring of Chuck Horn, owner of Horn Builders, the Legacy Ale Works owners benefit from Horn’s prior experience building and opening Atlantic Beach Brewing Company, where Horn is a co-owner. “Chuck has been a huge asset for us since he fully understands the needs of a brewery,” added Elizabeth Jacobs. “His expertise in our industry as it relates to construction is two-fold, since he understands both the code requirements of the city as well as the needs of the bar and brewery. It really was the best choice for us, and we are looking forward to dramatic changes happening soon.”

Legacy Ale Works has appeared around Jacksonville over the past couple of years sampling beers and promoting the brewery’s loyalty club, the LegacyMakers. With construction underway, further progress updates will follow. 


Linda Johnson,
Certified Cicerone®

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Hosts Inaugural Croctoberfest Beer and Food Event, Sept. 28

[Ed. Note, 10/3/2018: see the recap with photos on the homepage!]

September 24, 2018: The St. Augustine Alligator Farm always provides guests with an exciting visit, with resident reptiles and exotic animal species roaming the grounds. For those who time it right, there's also the chance to view feedings. All in all, it's a pretty wild time, with educational overtones.  The Alligator Farm adds a new level of animal behavior, with its first "Croctoberfest," on Friday evening, September 28, 6-9pm. This "brew-at-the-zoo" event brings beer, food, and spirits together for the season of Oktoberfest and Fall with a catchy name and some crafty inhabitants. 

The concept began over a year ago during a staff meeting, says Trevor Mia, of the Zoo Education Department, with "Croctoberfest" being a logical name for this time of year. "We wanted to host a social event where the proceeds go towards a great use and cause." Croctoberfest is a partnership with Riverbanks Zoo of Columbia, South Carolina, and the IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group to help support the Malayan Gharial conservation (if you don't know what that is, you can find out at Croctoberfest). Part of the proceeds are also designed to jump start youth engagement in conservation programs in St Augustine. Participating conservation organizations include: IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group, Riverbanks Zoo, Crocodilian Conservation Center of Florida, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Audubon Society, The Rattlesnake Conservancy, GTM Research Reserve, Lubee Bat Conservancy, and Whitney Lab for Marine Bioscience.

"At the end of the night, we hope that guests will have an appreciation for what their local conservation organizations are doing in their own backyard," Trevor adds. 

Update: Hopping Into Jax: Reve Brewing Opens September 22

Eric and Vanessa Luman, owners of Reve Brewing,
at a collaboration release at Southern Swells in August
(photo: Linda Joh

UPDATE: 11/9/2018: Hey, this site finally made a visit to Reve Brewing following its opening on September 22. ... See photos at end of this article ... (and, yeah, put it on your "to-do" list!)

September 19, 2018: Last December, word of another brewery entering the Jacksonville area circulated around town - this time with familiar faces behind the scenes. Local craft beer enthusiasts already know Eric Luman, co-owner of Green Room Brewing in Jax Beach, who has partnered with wife Vanessa to bring Reve Brewing to 1237 Mayport Rd. in Atlantic Beach. With the new spot having been in the works for over a year, the area's newest brewery will open the doors on September 22, at 2pm. 

Leading up to the opening day, Eric visited several area breweries, including Aardwolf Brewing and Southern Swells Brewing, and co-brewed several "collab" beers. The collaboration with Aardwolf is a dry hopped Brett Pale Ale with lemon and orange peel. An earlier collaboration with Southern Swells produced "Reved Up," an imperial stout with Bold Bean La Loma Coffee, vanilla beans and cinnamon. Southern Swells hosted a release party for "Reved Up" in early August, and from the comments, attendees wholeheartedly approved! 

"Reved Up" Imperial Stout at release party in August at Southern Swells
(photo: Linda Johnson)

Starting With a Clean Slate: Tabula Rasa Brewing, Jacksonville, Scripting a Future

Getting ready to write its future: Tabula Rasa Brewing
Sept. 11, 2018:  When a father and son have a collective thirty years of homebrewing experience between them, it might be accurate to say that they love beer. It's a family affair at Tabula Rasa Brewing, the newest brewery to open in Jacksonville, Florida, as the Peterson family is scripting its future and looking forward to sharing what they love to do with the community. 

The brewery welcomes the public with a Grand Opening on Friday, September 14 at 4pm. Situated along McCoy's Creek in what's known as the "Railyard District," the venue is housed in the former Mixon Art Studios. A large greenspace to the side and rear of the property provides a serene setting in an industrial area. 

Entrance along the greenspace at McCoy's Creek, Jacksonville

Lip-smackin' Sips and Bites at Annual Blues, Brews & BBQ Held at Historic Florida Theatre, Jax

The Florida Theatre's Blues, Brews & BBQ,
presented by Publix Super Markets Charities
August 27, 2018: An entertainment venue such as The Florida Theatre usually evokes thoughts of "sights and sounds." On Thursday, August 23, attendees at the annual Blues, Brews and BBQ fest, held at the historic downtown Jacksonville landmark, could also add the sensory perception of "tastes" to the repertoire, as this event featured lip-smackin' sips and bites from local breweries and restaurants. From the bales of hay at the check-in doors to the red-checkered tablecloths and aromas of barbecue throughout, the theatre was transformed into a tasty night of food, craft beer, and music.  

The pictures pretty much tell the story, so let's get to it! While the photos are unable to convey the taste delights that undoubtedly made tongues and taste buds happy, this site cannot be responsible for any hunger pains or thirst that might result ... 

Yulee Gets a Brewery: Hello, SJ Brewing!

Welcome! The first brewery in Yulee, Florida: SJ Brewing Co.
(photo: Linda Johnson)
August 13, 2018: With the influx of new breweries dotting the landscape across the country, it's no surprise that several new area breweries are coming on board in various locations around the North Florida/Jacksonville metro area during the last few months of 2018. One of them opened its tap room on Saturday, August 4 (this site visited the new digs on opening day). Say Hello to SJ Brewing Company, the first brewery to open in Yulee -- for those of you who don't know, that's in Nassau County, just north of Jacksonville. 

Although the tap room is currently serving guest beers from local and regional breweries on its twelve taps, look for house beers to start flowing soon. The bar also offers wines and sodas. The venue offers indoor and outdoor seating. Inside, the tap room features a bar on one side, plenty of space to move around, and ample seating at individual tables and chairs. Guests can watch two TVs or play an assortment of table and board games. The brewhouse sits in the back, on the other side of a half wall. Outside is a deck with umbrellas for enjoying beer in the sunshine and breezes. 

Artwork on the tap room wall features the labels of the new brewery’s upcoming five core beers: Yulee Pale Ale, Bunny Brown Ale, I Gose With You, Stop Jonesing IPA, and Battle Plan Imperial Stout. 

Singin' the Blues, Brews and BBQ at Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, August 23

July 6, 2018: Get your summer checklist ready, Jacksonville! Local Barbecue. Local Beer. Local Music. Check! The Florida Theatre hosts its annual Blues, Brews and BBQ summer party on Thursday, August 23. 

One of the tastiest events to headline around the city, you'll be singin' the Blues, Brews and BBQ upstairs and downstairs at the historic theatre with the body-swaying sounds of blues music on the stage, while your taste buds delight in the revelry provided by the tantalizing barbecue, complemented by an assortment of craft beer.

View from upstairs, at 2017 Blues, Brews and BBQ
(photo: Linda Johnson)

Presented by Publix Supermarket Charities, a number of local favorites will once again serve unlimited samples of barbecue and beers, while the sounds of live continuous music by The Snacks Blues Band and Beale Street fill the air.

Keep going .... (photo: Linda Johnson)

"There is a natural alliance between the Florida Theatre, one of our city's premier arts institutions, and the best craft professionals working in our city's culinary arts' community," said Numa Saisselin, Florida Theatre President. "For $50, you get all the local craft beer you can drink and all the local BBQ you can eat, plus four hours of continuous live Blues music by two of our city's best Blues bands ... and it all benefits the historic, nonprofit Florida Theatre."

Making HEADlines: New Jax Brewery Legacy Ale Works Moves Through Re-Zoning Approval

making HEADlines:


June 28, 2018, Jacksonville, FL:

Further to social media posts earlier this week, Jacksonville brewery-in-planning Legacy Ale Works announced today via formal statement that it obtained re-zoning approval from the City Council by a  15-0 vote this past Tuesday evening. 

In early March, the new brewery announced that after months of searching, it had signed a lease at 14965 Old St. Augustine Rd., Suite 129, Jacksonville. The space is located at the corner of US 1 and Old St. Augustine Rd. in the Bartram Park area. 

Liz and Matt Jacobs at
Hogtown Craft Beer Fest, April 2018
(photo by Legacy Ale Works)
Now that the zoning process is behind them, brewery owners Matt and Liz Jacobs will begin construction on the 3300sf space that will be home to the brewery and tap room. "We are excited about the next steps in our journey," said Liz Jacobs. "Our equipment has been delivered, and our plans will be ready to submit to the city for review and approval sometime next week."

Legacy Ale Works intends to bring its "easy drinking" beers to its new tap room on the south end of Jacksonville, just north of the St. Johns County/Duval County line. While "selecting this location was very important to us," said owner Matt Jacobs, he added that the new brewery aims "to serve an area of Jacksonville that does not currently have many craft beer options. The response we have received from the community so far has been very encouraging."

Legacy Ale Works at Riverside Craft Beer Fest,
February 2018 (photo: Linda Johnson)

Matt and Liz Jacobs have offered samples of the house-brewed beers at appearances around the Jacksonville area, beginning last summer at Beer:30 San Marco. They also poured their beers at Jacksonville PorchFest last November, at Riverside Craft Beer Fest in February, and twice at Hogtown Craft Beer Fest in Gainesville last year and earlier this year. 

Legacy Ale Works will appear at Brewz Bartram Park, 14866 Old St. Augustine Rd., on Saturday, June 30, at 2pm, where they will pour  samples of their beers and meet and greet the public. This time, in addition to talking about their beer, they will now be able to discuss their new location and construction plans.

With their 3.5-barrel brewhouse, the new brewery will offer a wide variety of beer, from light lagers and pilsners, to hoppy IPAs, porters, and stouts, in order to "appeal to all different tastes and preferences." In addition to beer, the tap room will also serve wine and non-alcoholic craft sodas for non-beer drinkers. 

Legacy Ale Works plans an early Fall 2018 opening, with an estimated 8-12 week construction timeframe. 

Congratulations to Legacy Ale Works, and stay tuned for more progress updates throughout the summer!

Linda Johnson
Certified Cicerone®

Ruby Beach Brewing Coasts Into Jax Beach

Ruby Beach Brewing opens in Jax Beach
over Memorial Day Weekend
 (photo: Linda Johnson)
May 30, 2018: Ruby Beach Brewing quietly opened over the Memorial Day weekend. The most recent addition to the Jacksonville area's craft beer scene announced its opening on Saturday, May 26 through its Facebook page. 

Set in the former Zeta location, Ruby Beach Brewing underwent a re-branding and a physical renovation during the first half of 2018. Word of the closing of Zeta and re-branding to the new concept surfaced in a January 8 press release by Owner Mark Vandeloo, in which he expressed a renewed focus on craft beer.